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ZigBee Multi Sensor for Temperature, Brightness, Motion Detection

ZBS-121 - ZigBee

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  • Precise temperature measurement (up to 0.3 °C; resolution 0.1°C on demand)
  • Brightness
  • Integrated PIR motion detector
  • Presence Detection / Alert (avoids continiously sent motion detection telegrams)
  • Battery-Low message
  • Firmware upgradable via ZigBee network
  • OGEMA-Driver on demand (Open Gateway Energy Management Alliance)

Ultra low power operation: Getting rid of useless telegrams and empty batteries

Though the device can sample in quite small cycles, a couple of µA (thousandth of a Milliamp) are enough for a long-term and reliable operation. After the internal sampling / measurement all internal sensors are cut off from the power supply leading to absolute zero current consumption. Flexible configurable thresholds (high / low) for all sensors will lead to immediate alarm telegrams only in case of violation. This approach combines almost realtime data with the longest battery lifetime.

Long time before the battery gets empty, "Battery-Low" messages are sent in order to prevent connection loss and ensure reliable operation.

Technical data:

Standards ./.
LxBxH [mm] 107x52x15.5
107x52x15.5 mit Flansch
Material PC-V0, weiß
IP Schutzgrad IP20
Spannung extern ./.
Anschluß extern ./.
Intern 3x AA 1.5V
Stromverbrauch typ. konfigurationsabhängig
Schnittstellen / Sensorik
Temperatursensor -50 °..+150 °C

+10..+90 °C: -0.3..0.3 °C, typ. +/-0.3 °C
-20..+110 °C: -0.6..0.6 °C, typ. +/-0.3 °C
-50..+150 °C: -1.2..1.2 °C, typ. +/-0.5 °C
Bewegungssensor PIR, Reichweite ~6 m
Helligkeitssensor 0..2000 lux, ~580 nm
Temperatur Betrieb -10..60 °C
Rel. Luftfeuchte Betrieb nicht kondensierend
Lagerbedingungen -20/+60°C
Safety / EMV / Funk CE
Warentarifnummer 9031 8038

Kommunikation ZigBee
Protokoll / Frequenz IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee,  max. 250 KBit/s, ISM 2.4 GHz
Rolle / Modus End-Node
Sendeleistung +1 dBm (1 mW)
Empfangsempfindlichkeit -92 dBm
Antenne Intern, Drahtantenne
Verschlüsselung AES128


  • 75ZBS121
  • Contact manufacturer for presence detection firmware
Datum: 04.06.2013, Version: 2.0


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Tel.: +49 30 3300724-0
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Used Technologies

Typical Applications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Temperature and Humidity Control for used and unused rooms
  • Prevention of mildew
  • Monitoring of patients´ environment and activity
  • AAL - Ambient Assisted Living
  • Presence Detection for Offices and Meeting Rooms

Literature / Download
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